Ercole Spreader

Ercole Spreader


Attachments & Implements


Single disc centrifugal spreader with spreading width up to 18 metres. Basic capacity 800 litres that can be increased up to 1200 litres.

Levers, inter-changeable hopper bottom, disc, vanes and drag spindle, all in stainless steel
Interchangeable hopper bottom in stainless steel.

A Chassis of extreme resistance, with category number 2 and 3 hitches and two hooking positions: one for standard distribution and a second, 150mm higher, for top dressing.

Two feeding shutters with progressive adjustment according to multiple pre-selected calibration positions.

Right or left independent distribution by means of hydraulic shutter opening.

Adjustable spreading lever to compensate the effect of the different types of fertilizer and obtain a uniform distribution. Stamped sheet metal gearbox, steel gears, grease lubrication.


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