Agrotron 6G Powervision Series
Agrotron 6G Powervision Series
Agrotron 6G Powervision Series
Agrotron 6G Powervision Series
Agrotron 6G Powervision Series

Agrotron 6G Powervision Series




With a choice of six new models with power outputs from 141 to 203 HP, the new DEUTZ-FAHR 6G Series responds to the needs of customers who demand a tractor that not only delivers superlative productivity but is offers inexpensive to run, easy to use and boasts simplified maintenance. These tractors are the perfect combination of several superlative elements, with tried and tested Stage III A compliant  no AdBlue 6 cylinder Deutz engines matched with highly efficient ZF transmissions and class-beating hydraulic systems. This formidable package is clad with an eye-catching design, while the DEUTZ-FAHR brand is a guarantee of genuine German quality.




Extraordinary efficiency and reliability are fundamental attributes of Deutz TCD 2012 engines, which feature DCR (Deutz Common Rail) entirely electronically controlled high pressure fuel injection and turbocharged forced induction with intercooler and wastegate to offer outstanding performance in terms of both specific consumption and torque and power delivery.

The engine powering the 6205 G, for example, delivers a maximum power of 203 HP (149.2 kW) at 2000 rpm, and while maximum engine speed is 2200 rpm, at least 96% of this power is already available from 1600 rpm. 94% of maximum torque (810 Nm at 1600 rpm), on the other hand, is on tap across a generous range of engine speeds from 1100 to 2000 rpm.

With an efficient Donaldsson PowerCore air filter with dust ejector, a new all-aluminium cooling system and generously sized 345 L fuel tanks, 6G tractors are capable of working uninterruptedly for hours on end even in the toughest conditions.




The 6G Series tractors can be equipped with two gearbox configurations, these are identified by Powershift and RCshift.

THe Powershift gearbox is equipped with 30/15 gears and optioned with 54/27 gears including Creep Range.  Standard  features include a 6 speed Powershift with 5 ranges that speed matches and can be controlled by a Comfort Clutch (which lets the driver shift gear without using the clutch pedal) A hydraulic power shuttle with  a 5 step modulation control (This controls forward and reverse speeds.

The RCshift versions are equipped with 54/27 gearbox including creep range that uses an armrest control with a single lever to change through powershifts and ranges.  The RC shift can be in used in 3 different modes;

  1. Manual: User slects range and powershift speeds
  2. Semi Auto: User selects range and tractor system manages automatically the powershift speeds.
  3. Full Auto: The tractor system manages the automatically both powershift and range speed.

This exclusive transmission management developed in-house by DEUTZ-FAHR offering a user experience almost identical to the TTV Variable transmission while still ensuring the superlative fuel economy typical of Powershift range gearboxes.




The hydraulic system equipping 6G Series tractors is extraordinarily modular. All versions feature a potent 42 l/min pump dedicated exclusively to the steering system .A choice of 4 different variants is offered for the main pump. These consist of two fixed displacement pumps, with capacities of 84 and 110 l/min respectively (or 90 and 115 l/min on the 6185 G and 6205 G), feeding a conventional open centre system, and two Closed Centre Load Sensing variable displacement pumps with capacities of 120 and 160 l/min (125 and 165 l/min on the 6185 G and 6205 G).

The hydraulic couplers offered range from 2 sets with mechanically controlled distributors (or up to 4 sets  as an option), to 6 (or 8 as an option) with electronically controlled distributors with flow regulator and a timer function. The EHR electronically controlled rear lift has a maximum capacity of 9700 kg and is equipped as standard with a Walterscheid hydraulic top link with nitrogen accumulators to damp the oscillations produced by heavy implements during road transport usage. The optional front lift has a capacity of 3850 kg.




The 6G Series offers the new PowerVision Cabin where the driver  has an ergonomic working environment bristling with high technology and with the comfort of your own lounge, with features such as new InfoCentre controller units with larger new displays. The cab is equipped with mechanical suspension,  while the hydropneumatic suspension system offered as an option for the front axle boasts adaptive stiffness control, load-dependent self-levelling and anti-dive. The anti-rise and anti-dumping functions stiffen the suspension under braking and acceleration and adjust damping continuously at higher speeds to limit pitching. The degree of automation offered by 6G Series tractors may be increased even further with a number of options such as the Agrosky satellite guidance system (also available as versions with an accuracy of ± 2 cm), which adds auto-steer capability.

The new PowerVision cabin uses the new detached cab from hood concept. This feature reduces vibrations and noise level up to 5% from previous models lifting the drivers comfort to a new high class level.


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