5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV
5115 DF TTV

5115 DF TTV



The 5115 DF TTV is part of the 5D F/S/V TTV Series



Whether in vineyards or orchards, in horticulture, landscaping, or in municipal use – maximum productivity and flexibility are the building blocks for economic success. Never before have performance, productivity and comfort been united in a specialist tractor as perfectly as in the new 5D F/S/V TTV Series.

DEUTZ-FAHR presents an innovative special tractor that meets the highest demands: a continuously variable TTV gearbox, maximum driving and operating comfort and the powerful hydraulic system enable unprecedented productivity.

The 5D F/S/V TTV Series can be used and configured as individually and flexibly as the tasks in fruit growing and viticulture are varied. Thanks to three available, compact external widths from 1,077mm for the 5DV TTV models, from 1,267mm for the 5DS TTV and from 1,441mm for the wider 5DF TTV special tractors and individual equipment and hydraulic packages, you can configure the right tractor for your application. 



The powerful state-of-the-art FARMotion engines, which were specially designed for agricultural use, feature optimum torque and maximum power with exceptionally low consumption.

Customers can choose between 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel engines with electronic control from 88 to 113 HP (65 to 83 kW) with turbocharger, charge air cooling, DOC exhaust gas treatment and visco fan.

Torque and power are adapted to the toughest tasks. In addition, the new engines are extremely efficient when it comes to diesel consumption. The optimised design allows a narrow bonnet and therefore an excellent view to the front as well as maximum agility.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology of the engines, they comply with all international emissions standards (emissions level III B). Top performance for specialist tractors – the FARMotion already delivers its top power (115 or 113 HP) at 2,200 rpm.

All engine components, such as radiator, fan, hoses and filters, were designed to be as compact as possible and feature maximum ease of maintenance. The two stage PowerCore air filter is a new feature. It can be equipped with a dust separator.

The compact, lightweight aluminium radiator (engine, hydraulic oil, charge air) can be cleaned very quickly and easily. The fuel tank holds 85 litres, allowing even the powerful 5DV/DS/DF TTV Series to complete lengthy work tasks without stopping to refuel.



The advanced transmission technology ensures efficient distribution of forces on level ground and on inclines. This makes life much easier for the driver, while also lowering consumption – the transmission of the 5DV/DS/DF TTV combines the performance of a mechanical transmission with the comfort of a hydrostatic transmission.

The engine power is transformed into productive performance – continuously, without losses and fuel-saving. The top speed of 40 km/h is already reached at an economical 1,650 rpm.

The operating convenience of the new TTV transmission is unrivalled. The driver only has to set the desired speed and the tractor accelerates continuously until the set speed has been reached. Engine and transmission synchronise automatically and always operate at the most efficient engine speed based on the current load. The cruise control makes things even easier.

The working speed can be saved and recalled at the press of a button. The transmission is operated intuitively with the ergonomic joystick. All important functions are right at the driver’s fingertips.

The freely programmable buttons on the MaxCom joystick can be used for reversing the direction of driving. Drivers can select different transmission settings from “ECO2” (for minimum fuel consumption) to “Power” (for maximum performance).

• PTO •


The new DEUTZ-FAHR Series 5D S/F/V TTV also shows great versatility in the PTO equipment. As a standard, it is equipped with three PTO speeds: 540 rpm, 540ECO and 1,000 rpm with modulated electronic activation.

Automatic activation and deactivation of the PTO depending on the attachment position is also a standard feature. A synchronised version, a detachable PTO stub and a front PTO with 1,000 rpm are available as optional extras.



The implements used in viticulture and fruit growing not only require ever greater hydraulic power, but their operation is also becoming ever more complex thanks to combined working methods. DEUTZ-FAHR has therefore completely redesigned the hydraulic system of the new 5DV/DS/DF TTV.

Up to five electro-hydraulic, double-acting auxiliary control valves with volume and time control can be installed at the rear to meet the requirements of viticulture, fruit growing and other applications. Four double-acting auxiliary control valves with uniform flow control are available in the front mounting space. Furthermore, a single-acting auxiliary control valve as well as an additional double-acting control valve from the rear can be duplicated.

The electronically controlled rear linkage lifts an impressive 2600 kg for the 5 DV/DS TTV and 3800 kg for the 5 DF TTV; the optional front linkage lifts 1500 kg.

No matter which of the four hydraulic configurations is selected – linkage and auxiliary control valves are always supplied by a powerful 100 l/min load sensing pump. This is supported by a separate hydraulic circuit with a 42 l/min pump for smooth servo steering. 


The 5DV/DS/DF TTV Series is available with the exclusive front axle suspension with independent ‘wheel’ suspension and active steering. The innovative suspension system always operates based on driving speed and steering angle. Sensors continuously supply the control unit with the relevant data – an ideal solution when working with foliage cutters or similar devices which work along the vine rows.

Depending on the operating conditions, the electronic system controls the shock absorbers in real time, adapting stiffness and damping to the driving situation. This reduces vibrations much more efficiently than before, increasing comfort and safety for the driver.

As a standard, the 5DV/DS/DF TTV Series is equipped with an anti-dive roll stabilising system and an anti-roll side stabilising system. The roll stabilising system increases safety during braking by counteracting the sudden lowering of the front axle and the resulting strong weight shift to the axle. This reduces the braking distance particularly during heavy braking.

The side stabilising system adapts the spring stiffness to the steering angle and the driving speed. During cornering, the suspension is stiffened more on the outside than on the inside. This keeps the vehicle in balance and limits dangerous weaving motions.

Automatic activation of the all-wheel drive and the 100% differential locks ensures best possible traction for all terrain situations. The automatically activated rear axle differential is available for added traction and stability. All-wheel braking is fitted as a standard.


Spacious on the inside – compact on the outside. This was the development target for the new 4-post cab of the new 5DV/DS/DF TTV Series. The rounded frame profiles give the cab a modern look, provide a good view on all sides and are gentle on the vegetation when driving through narrow plant rows.

Thanks to the compact and low-lying TTV transmission, the cab platform is completely level. This makes entering and exiting the cab much easier, offers more legroom and allows an optimum pedal and seating position.

A pedal on the steering column allows easy, comfortable height and angle adjustment of the steering wheel. The dashboard is integrated into the steering column and therefore follows the angle of the steering wheel. This allows drivers of any height optimum view of the operating information and operating elements.

The InfoCenterPro with a high-resolution 5” monitor provides the driver with clearly structured information on all operating states of the tractor. Driving speed and engine speed are shown on analogue dials.

The driver receives all information in real time and can program operating sequences. The operating elements for activating the automatic functions, such as front axle suspension, Auto4WD and SDD fast steering as well as the lever for the hydraulic parking brake (HPB) and a mobile phone holder are located to the left and right of the InfoCenterPro.

The air-suspended driver's seat and optional multimedia-radio increase well-being. The driver has everything he needs to get the job done comfortably and efficiently.

The one-piece windscreen pulled into the cabin roof with its generous glazing offers an excellent view of all attachment spaces.  With a special filter and overpressure system integrated into the newly developed roof, the cabin meets all standards (Cat. 4) for driver protection, eliminating the need to wear protective equipment in crop protection applications.

The workspace has also been redesigned, with the aim of achieving an optimal seating and working position for the driver. The newly developed MaxCom multifunction armrest is integrated into the driver’s seat, featuring an ergonomic joystick and clearly structured function buttons. This means the driver can control all work with front, side or rear attachments with their arm resting comfortably.

During work with front attachments, the left hand remains on the steering wheel while the right hand operates the joystick. The joystick combines the control for the front hydraulics and the front linkage, the control for the driving speed and various programmable functions, such as reversing the direction of driving, with three freely programmable buttons.

For monitoring the rear attachments, the driver uses a second joystick which operates the rear hydraulic control devices and the programmed functions. Controls for engine, transmission and PTO are combined in the central area of the MaxCom armrest.



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