4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series
4WD Scraper Series

4WD Scraper Series



Models 520 | 570


Versatile Scraper Special tractors have been designed to enhance profitability by outworking the competition. Using high quality components, Versatile Scraper Special tractors focus on power, durability and reliability - because downtime is not an option. Engineered to be heavy-duty, Featuring a Cummins engine and industry proven transmissions. Comfortable for long working days, the Versatile Scraper Special tractors are designed to pull more than just pans and are a valuable tool for any job site.



The Versatile Scraper Special tractors are powered by the Cummins QSX that features the latest in diesel engine technology. Cummins is the exclusive engine supplier across the entire range of Versatile tractors. Engineers from both companies worked together to ensure seamless integration of the engine with the transmission and electronics.

 Cummins QSX15 

No EGR - NO AdBlue – NO DPF) The high horsepower range of Versatile Scraper Special Tractors features the Cummins QSX15 engine that provides excellent power and torque. The QSX combines an advanced dual overhead cam design with proven heavy-duty components for dependability without compromise, every hour of every day. Its unique dual overhead cam design allows the engineers at Cummins to optimize combustion efficiency. Add to that a wastegated turbo and you have an engine capable of delivering optimum performance at every rpm. 


The Versatile Scraper Special tractors feature 16 x 4 CAT® powershift transmissions. The smooth shifting dependable CAT transmission offers 23-25 mph (37-40 km/hr) road speeds and a large selection of working range gears for every application.

An industry proven powershift transmission with 16 forward speeds and four reverse speeds, with eight gears in the heart of the critical working range. Single lever control provides clutchless shifting from forward to neutral to reverse for all speeds. Powershift gear selection features are designed for simple gear selection, smooth operation and on-the-job convenience. Shift effortlessly through gears using finger tip controls mounted on the seat’s integrated control console. The transmission are programmable for auto-shifting and speed matching. An inching pedal provides superior control for hooking up to implements.


The rigorous demands of scraper work require a reliable hydraulic system. 
The Versatile Scraper Special tractor is available with six hydraulic circuits and hi-flow hydraulic with a flow rate of 106 GPM (401 L/min). Electro-hydraulics are ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience and allow for finger-tip operation of hydraulic functions.


Standard Cab Offering

The scraper special tractors take advantage of the class leading Versatile HQ Cab. With over 85.9 sq. ft. (7.98 sq. m) of viewable window glass the HQ Cab provides a panoramic view of your fields. A seat mounted right-hand console gives you fingertip control over the entire tractor to help reduce operator fatigue. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat is standard and the HQ Cab also offers a large training seat.

Deluxe Cab

The new Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured cab that provides the operator with every imaginable comfort for long working days. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat and the training seat are both standard in this configuration. In addition to the connectivity options available in the standard cab, the Deluxe Cab has a 110v AC power outlet and a 5-volt integrated USB port. A subwoofer is also standard to improve sound quality in the cab.

Cab Environment

Large multi-directional vents optimize comfort and help create an ideal cab environment. Climate control reduces window fogging and the pressurized cab prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt particles. Convenience features include four cup holders and coat hooks to keep the cab clean and organized.

Operator Seat

The operator seat has a 32° swivel range to maximize visibility when towing implements. Semi-active air-ride suspension and a heated seat are standard in the Deluxe Cab.

Training Seat

Turn the training seat into a workstation by folding down the backrest to reveal a surface ideal for a laptop computer. The Deluxe cab features an 110v AC power outlet to ensure that your work is never interrupted by a loss of battery power.

Dash Console

The redesigned dash console is narrower than previous versions to increase forward visibility. The steering console has standard tilt and telescopic operation to provide additional operator comfort. A newly designed dash display simplifies information for improved readability.


A conveniently located stereo and high quality sound system help make long days in the cab more enjoyable. Satellite radio is available.



Optional on the Versatile Scraper Special Tractors is an auto greasing system. This system is located on the left side of the tractor near the articulation point. This electronically controlled unit can be set to grease in half hour intervals from 30 minutes up to five hours. The auto-greasing systems reduces maintenance time. The ability to grease during operation results in the best possible grease distribution across the bearing surface; this results in reduce component wear for moving parts and creates an effective barrier against moisture and dirt. The automatic greasing systems reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

*Hitch Options

Versatile Scraper Special tractors have a variety of available hitch options to match industry standard pans. Tractors can be ordered from factory with Miskin, Reynolds and K-Tec hitches.






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