4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620
4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620

4WD Models - 520 | 570 | 620



Models: 520 | 570 | 620


It started with the engine; Cummins, the exclusive engine supplier to Versatile, outlined the path to achieving T4 emission standards. Work began on a new cab and operator environment, focusing on visibility and operator comfort and convenience. Caterpillar would provide a full range of Powershift transmissions. New styling would improve visibility and become a design model for future Versatile tractors. And it had to maintain the reputation that Versatile four-wheel drives have carried since 1966.

The result is a new Versatile four-wheel drive designed to enhance the profitability of large scale farming operations and compete with the best in the world, while upholding the Versatile cornerstones of reliability, durability and ease of service and maintenance.



Cummins QSX 15 Engine

The HHT Series 520 to 620 are powered by the dependable Cummins QSX 15-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine. Versatile selected the Cummins QSX15 during the development of the HHT Series to optimize the performance of the tractor, shaping power curves and ratings to align with work environment, load factors and operating modes. The result is an efficient and reliable high horsepower tractor that will work hard for years to come. 

Bigger Radiator, Better Cooling  

The cooling systems on Versatile four-wheel drive tractors uses a large grille and radiator to provide better air velocity required for engine cooling, which results in more efficient fan horsepower consumption


The entire line of Versatile four-wheel drive tractors now feature 16 x 4 CAT® powershift transmissions. The narrow frame models use the TA19. The Versatile large frame models feature the TA22.

The smooth shifting dependable CAT® transmissions offer 25 mph (40 km/hr) road speeds and a large selection of working range gears for every application. Both transmissions are programmable for auto-shifting and speed matching. 

All models feature a large, reliable heavy-duty planetary final drive to provide long service with heavily ballasted tractors and big implements. Large bearings support the planetary hubs on the axle housings. They are built with large axle tubes and planetaries capable of standing up to heavy weights and capable of handling loads associated with wide dual or triple wheel options.


The closed centre load sensing hydraulic system provides ample capacity for implements that demand high hydraulic flow by providing pressure and flow on demand. When no hydraulic power is required, the system goes into low-pressure standby to conserve energy, providing more power at the drawbar. 

Hydraulic Flow

A total hydraulic flow of 53 GPM (201 L/min) is standard, or 106 GPM (401 L/min) with the optional high flow hydraulic system. Four remote valves are standard, six optional.


Electro-hydraulics are available on all models, ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience. Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow is increased and decreased using the EHR monitor.

  • Standard flow of 200 L/min
  • Optional High Flow of 400 L/min with split valve functionality
  • Increased reservoir capacity
  • Reservoir sight glass


Deluxe Cab

The Versatile four-wheel drives offer the largest cab in the industry. The cab interior is 20% larger than previous models and offers 85.9 sq. ft. (7.98 sq. m) of window glass an increase of 14% from previous models. The new cab and hood design also increase forward visibility by 35% over the last generation. Additional standard cab features include; a front and rear intermittent wiper/washer system, front and rear sun visors, four 12-volt outlets, four cup holders, and multi-directional vents.

The Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured cab that provides the operator with every imaginable comfort for long working days. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat and the training seat are both standard in this configuration. In addition to the connectivity options available in the standard cab, the  Deluxe Cab has an 110v AC power outlet and a 5-volt integrated USB port.

Operator Seat

The operator seat has a 104° swivel range to maximize visibility when towing implements. Air ride suspension and a heated seat are standard in the Deluxe Cab. 

Training Seat

A comfortable training seat is available as an option and is standard in the Deluxe Cab. The seat has storage underneath and folds down to hold a laptop. 

Dash Console

The redesigned dash console is narrower than previous versions to increase forward visibility. The steering console has standard tilt and telescopic operation to provide additional operator comfort. A newly designed dash display simplifies information for improved readability.


Large multi-directional vents optimize comfort and help create an ideal cab environment.

Auto-Steer Ready 

GPS technology saves time, fuel, and money when mated with an auto-steer system that prevents overlap and maintains the field heading. Versatile is pleased to offer an optional factory-installed auto-steer-ready kit that is compatible with most auto-steer packages on the market. You can incorporate the auto-steer kit that is best suited to your agriculture operation.

High-intensity discharge (LED) lighting 

LED lights have proven themselves to be very useful in agriculture operations. There’s never enough hours of daylight and LED lighting provides up to ten times more light than conventional headlights. Known for casting a blue hue, an LED light kit is available as a front and rear package.






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